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The Bush Attack on Headstart

This article will soon be in print form.  This electronic version is
available now because of the need for educators and the public to respond to Bush's
proposed legislation.
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The Bush Attack on Head Start: "What This Initiative is Attempting to Do"

by Gerald Coles, September 2003

Despite his numerous cameos in classrooms, where he puts on his compassionate
conservative demeanor, George W. Bush's actions show a very different
picture.   As governor of  Texas, for example, he used a surplus in state funds to
give tax breaks to his oil-rich friends instead of using the money to provide
health insurance for all poor children; his indifference to the poor contributed
to ranking Texas second highest among states in percentage of hungry
children.   In the White House, his deep cuts in food stamps, child nutrition and
foster care just scratch the surface of his pitiless legislation affecting the

I have previously described Bush's actions as following the "W Principle,"
that is, in a compassionate conservative hierarchy, one rises to a maximum level
of cruelty.  In the relentless application of the W Principle to children, a
recent example is Head Start, an imperfect program that has nonetheless a
documented record of helping poor pre-school youngsters.   Why, instead of taking
readily-apparent steps that could increase the program's quality and outreach,
does Bush want to go in the opposite direction and destroy it?

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