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Re: Edison


I just sent a story that was released yesterday by Edison....think
you'll find it interesting...


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At 04:46 PM 9/29/2003 -0700, Karen Canty wrote:
>That's interesting - I just went back and read the news release
>announcing Edison's first profitable quarter (interestingly enough,
>using non-GAAP numbers - although I'm not quite sure what THAT means)
>and the article says that Whittle was going to buy back all the
>shares....Must not have been able to do that!

GAAP is Generally Accepted Accounting Practices. Non-GAAP numbers means
creative book-keeping. So if Edison has its first profitable quarter,
non-GAAP numbers, they have found a way to sugar-coat the lemon.

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>Investing in irony
>With a chunk of its employee pension fund, Florida is
>about to buy the nation's most financially imperiled
>private education management company.

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