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Fw: School Improvement Hearing Live on C-SPAN Sept 2nd 10AM EST

oh boy, look at this:

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HEARING ON SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT: What Can Be Done NOW About Persistently
Struggling Schools

The Aspen Instituteâs Commission on No Child Left Behind holds a public
hearing, âLosing Patience with Chronically Low-Performing Schools: How to
Improve School Improvement.â

President Obama and the Congress have signaled support for more aggressive
action to fix low-performing schools by requiring states to pledge to
progress in this area and others in exchange for funding under the American
Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The Commission hearing will investigate what we know about what works and
what doesnât work, what levers exist for change, and where we should go
from here in helping NCLB more effectively address the problem. For
background on school improvement, including funding and requirements under
NCLB, go here.

Members of the Commissionâs Committee on School Improvement, several of
whom have hands-on experience with school improvement and turnarounds, will
hear testimony, engage in in-depth dialogue with witnesses, and later share
their observations with the full Commission. Commissioners on the committee

* Dr. Michael Lomax, President and CEO, UNCF (United Negro College Fund)

* Paul Pastorek, State Superintendent of Education, Louisiana

* Greg Richmond, President and CEO, National Association of Charter School
Authorizers and former Chief Officer for New Schools Development in
Chicago Public Schools under then-CEO Arne Duncan

* Danika LaCroix, Principal, Young Scholarsâ Academy for Discovery and
Exploration, Brooklyn, NY

* Dr. Edward Sontag, Chief Management Official, Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention

Several other commissioners will participate, including: Jane Hannaway,
Director of the Urban Instituteâs Education Policy Center; Judith Heumann,
Director of Disability Services, District of Columbia; Mike Johnston,
Colorado State Senator and Senior Policy Advisor at New Leaders for New
Schools; Delia Pompa, Vice President for Education at the National Council of
La Raza; and Tasia Providence, Master Educator with District of Columbia
Public Schools

During their testimony and discussion with commissioners, witnesses will
share expertise, successes and challenges from a variety of perspectives on
school improvement. Confirmed witnesses include:

* Steve Barr, Founder and Chairman, Green Dot Public Schools, Los Angeles,

* Mike Contompasis, Senior Field Consultant, Mass Insight School Turnaround
Strategy Group, Boston, MA

* Natalie Elder, Principal, Hardy Elementary School, Chattanooga, TN

* Garth Harries, Assistant Superintendent for Portfolio and Performance
Management, New Haven, CT

* Phyllis Lockett, President and CEO, The Renaissance Schools Fund,
Chicago, IL

* Ronald Peiffer, Maryland Deputy State Superintendent, Baltimore, MD

The hearing is the first in a series announced yesterday to build upon the
Commissionâs February 2007 recommendations for improving NCLB, as well as
more than two yearsâ additional field experience with NCLB, new
requirements under the ARRA, and other developments. The Commission will
release a summary following the hearing, and will issue its updated
recommendations early next year. To learn more about the Commissionâs new
phase of work, please visit our website.

For more information about the hearing, such as details regarding
transportation/logistics, see here. The hearing will be taped and archived
on the Commissionâs website.


The Commission on No Child Left Behind (www.nclbcommission.org and on
Facebook) is a bipartisan effort to identify and build support for
improvements in federal education policy to ensure the nation has effective
tools to spur academic achievement and close the achievement gap. Following a
comprehensive review process with extensive public input, the Commission in
2007 released a blueprint for strengthening NCLB by preserving the lawâs
core principles and making needed changes to accelerate progress toward
achieving its goals, particularly in the areas of teacher and principal
effectiveness, robust accountability and data, higher academic standards,
stronger high schools, and increased options for students. The Commission is
funded by some of the nationâs leading foundations, including the Bill &
Melinda Gates Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Joyce
Foundation, and the GE Foundation. The findings, interpretations, and
conclusions expressed in the Commissionâs work should not be attributed to
the donors.

Kenneth J. Bernstein