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Fwd: Calling all teachers

FYI everyone!

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Subject: Calling all teachers

Dear Rog and Joe,

I don't yet know how to email this list, so I'll send it to you and hope you will pass it on. I am going to talk to the Utah Education Association President about urging all teachers (at least those who are members of UEA) to call or fax their congress person and urge them to co-sponsor or at least endorse Joe Baca's bill. We can provide the phone and fax numbers that were sent to you, Rog. We should by-pass the NEA, if they are not willing to support this bill and contact the state units.

Every teacher in America should be made aware of this bill and also aware of the impending national standards to develop human uniformity. The testing will be horrendous -- much worse than under NCLB.

Thanks for what you are doing.
Lynn Stoddard, Co-Founder
Educating for Human Greatness